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The Black Warrior Council staff is here to help you deliver life-changing experiences to the boys and girls we serve through Scouting. If there are any additional resources or information you need but cannot find, please do not hesitate to contact us. General inquiries can be sent to Stephanie Williams at stephanier.williams@scouting.org or give us a call at 205-554-1680.


Bill Gosselin
Scout Executive/CEO

Responsible for daily operations and community relationships. Reports to Board of Directors.


Office: (205) 554-1680

Cell: (205) 331-8943

Email: bill.gosselin@scouting.org

Zac Lollar
Field Director

Responsible for “in the field” Scouting operations and District Executive staff members.


Office: (205) 554-1680

Cell: (205) 275-6454

Email: zac.lollar@scouting,org

Hayes Looney
Council Program Director

Responsible for various Council Programming, Newsletter, Web Development, and Camping Properties Management.


Office: (205) 554-1680

Cell: (205) 310-2590

Email: hayes.looney@scouting.org

Roland M. Lewis
Sr. District Executive, River District
Scouting Outreach Director

River District serves Scouting families in Tuscaloosa, Bibb, and Pickens counties.


Office: (205) 554-1680

Cell: (205) 301-4963

Email: roland.lewis@scouting.org

Justin Hayes
District Executive, Mountain District

Mountain District serves Scouting families in Walker, Winston, Marion, Lamar, and Fayette counties.


Office: (205) 554-1680

Cell: (205) 270-8952

Email: justin.hayes@scouting.org

Harrison Sentell
District Executive, Prairie District

Prairie District serves Scouting families in Greene, Hale, Marengo, and Sumter counties.

Office: (205) 554-1680

Cell: (205) 616-8273

Email: harrison.sentell@scouting.org

Ranger, Camp Horne

Responsible for daily operations and maintenance of the 480+ acres of the Camp Horne property.


Office: (205) 554-1680

Cell: (205) 393-8293

Email: hayes.looney@scouting.org

Darren Hix
Caretaker, Camp O'Rear

Responsible for daily operations and maintenance of the 90+ acres of the Camp O'Rear property.


Office: (205) 554-1680

Cell: (205) 388-2660

Email: orearcaretaker@gmail.com

Denise Morris
Office Manager

Responsible for Office Operations. 


Office: (205) 554-1680

Email: denise.morris@scouting.org

Jeena' Simpson
Accounting Specialist

Responsible for Accounting Operations.


Office: (205) 554-1680

Email: jeena.simpson-roe@scouting.org

Stephanie Williams
Office Assistant
Responsible for customer service, Scout Shop support, Youth Protection Training.


Office: (205) 554-1680

Email: stephanier.williams@scouting.org


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Tuscaloosa, AL 35404

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Fax: 205-554-7830

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