2020 Virtual Day Camp

Although COVID-19 is preventing us from holding an in-person, multi-pack Day Camp, there is still a way for our Cub Scout families to have a 2020 Day Camp experience:


Day Camp in a Box

Option ONE:  Register for our virtual “Day Camp in a Box” experience, receive an “Activity Packet” for each Cub, and siblings and non-Scout friends if you choose.  Hold one or more of your Virtual Day Camp days at one of our three camps. – see Camp Use Link below

Option TWO:  If Packs do not feel comfortable with option ONE, Cubmasters can still order the "Day Camp in a Box" for their Pack.  Cubmaster will distribute the “Activity Packets” to their Cubs who choose to participate in our Virtual Day Camp, hosted on this webpage, August 3rd-7th. 

We are relying on the Packs to sign up for the "Day Camp in a Box" so that Cubs can have a great Scouting experience even during this unique time. 

Below are the instruction videos and pics of what crafts and activities there are to do with the Day Camp Boxes.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Council: Justin Hayes : justin.hayes@scouting.org 

River District: Daniel Western : dbwestern@gmail.com

Mountain District: John Reese : johnjan110807@yahoo.com

Mountain District: Laurie Elliott : olemissreb1212@gmail.com

Alien Video - This video shows you how to set up the alien invasion on your farm!
Aliens on the farm Video
Building a Barn for your Cows
Building a Barn
Building a Chicken Coop
Building a Catapult
Making a Bead Pet (Cow)
Making a Bead Pet (Pig)
Making a Chicken Cup
Outdoor Activity

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