Camp Horne Cottondale, AL

Located in east Tuscaloosa County, Camp Horne is our main Council camp and is available for use year-round by all Scout units. Camp Horne is a 496-acre facility which include two lakes; a rifle, archery, and shotgun range; an Olympic-size swimming pool; dining hall; health lodge; large and small pavilion area; two BBQ grills; Hulsart Training Center; Project COPE course; eight campsites; many hiking trails, and much more. We offer two weeks of Boy Scout resident camp in June, and that is followed by two sessions of Cub Scout resident camp.


Scout units are encouraged to take advantage of this wonderful outdoor area by completing a Camp Use Permit (below). Camp Horne is perfect for day or weekend activities – plan a visit soon!

For more information please contact Justin Hayes @ (205) 554-1680.


Camp Horne

13633 Keenes Mill Road

Cottondale, AL 35453


My       Experience!

Creating a Lifetime of Memories Since 1924!

Camp Horne provides Scouts the ability to succeed, grow, be carefree and enjoy the endless fun-filled days of summer. Every camper is valued for who they are as an individual, encouraged to try new things and has the opportunity to create their own unique Camp Horne Experience. Our mission is to provide our campers with an environment where they feel comfortable and confident in who they are as a person. That is why every camper says "I am Camp Horne."

Our Program!

Traditional Structure, with the  Freedom  to Choose!

From the moment our campers wake up, until their heads hit the pillow at night, our action-packed days are designed to provide your Scout with an exciting environment where they can learn, laugh, play and enjoy their summer VACATION!

We believe that combining structure and choice into our program allows our campers to experience all aspects of camp, build strong bonds with their friends and get the most out of their summer. 


Our Spirit and Tradition!

It's Addicting, It's Contagious...

As you enter our gates, the rush of the spirit, passion and excitement immediately hits you. You hear the cheers, see the smiles and feel the energy. You quickly understand why our Scouts say that Camp Horne spirit flows through their veins.

You also get a sense of the enormous history Camp Horne has developed since 1924. Our Scouts take great pride in knowing they are part of something bigger than themselves as they walk in the footsteps of the former campers who built traditions that carry on year after year.


The CH spirit and traditions are exhilarating, contagious and lifelong. Once you're a part of Camp Horne, Camp Horne is forever a part of you.


Our Staff!

Guiding Each Scout to Reach  New Heights!

Our staff helps to make Camp Horne a summer home to everyone who passes through our gates. The feeling of warmth, spirit and tradition are evident in everything we do.

Our staff is made up of dedicated individuals who want to positively impact Scouts, while also gaining practical employment experience. Many of our staff members are Seasoned Educators, Education Students, Older Scouts, and Program Specific Experts. The end result is a team of people who are dedicated to our campers and passionate about creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Become a Member of this Dedicated Team!

Health and Nutrition!

Mealtimes are a great opportunity for us to take a break and spend time together as a camp family. Our beautiful dining room has troop assigned tables which provide a great atmosphere to eat, talk, sing when we crank up the dining room music and laugh with camp friends. Meals are served cafeteria style and we have substitute bars that provide a number of alternatives for even our pickiest eaters.

Our Food Service Staff is very experienced in handling all types of food allergies including dairy, egg and gluten.

Over the past few years, we have seen a significant rise in the number of campers with allergies and other special food needs. Consequently, our talented Food Service Staff, under the direction of a Licensed Food Nutritionist, work tirelessly to ensure our food service is able to meet the needs of every camper.

Quality Food for Hungry Campers!

Dates and Rates, Summer 2020!

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The 2020 Summer Camp season has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

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