Adventure anywhere–any terrain.

      Camp Horne has long been the heart of Scouting in West Alabama. With two lakes, a standard-length pool, climbing tower, NRA competition shooting ranges, fishing, and hiking trails, we pride ourselves on offering Scouts the most inclusive experience possible for advancement and recreation both during resident camp and year round. Today, we are thrilled to announce that Camp Horne has been approved to offer an ATV safety and adventure program by the Boy Scouts of America National Council.

      Built around the ATV Safety Institute’s SafeRider curriculum, this program offers Scouts access to the adrenaline, excitement, and speed of an ATV while learning about the proper handling, use, and maintenance for an all-terrain vehicle. Starting this summer, Scouts will be able to take part in this exciting new program. With this exciting addition, Camp Horne is among the few destinations for Scouts interested in participating in an ATV program. To ensure the safety of our Scouts, participation will be limited to classes of six (6) and all participants must be 14 or older.

     At Camp Horne, adventure can take place any where–on any terrain. We are looking forward to seeing you this summer for the launch of this exhilarating new program!

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Jordan Hammons | Camp Director–Camp Horne
Black Warrior Council