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Online Sales Begin August 1!

Did you know your unit earns 50% commission on ALL online sales? Sales made between August 1 and October 29, 2017 also help your Scouts earn great prizes! Be sure to get them set up with an online account. If they already have one from last year, please make sure the correct UNIT TYPE (Pack/Troop/Crew) is selected in their profiles. Watch the video below to learn more about setting up an online sales page.


  • Online Popcorn Sale Starts- August 1st

  • Show-N-Sell Orders Due- Sept. 8th

  • Show-N-Sell Order Pickup- Sept. 26th

  • Popcorn Sale Starts- Sept. 26th

  • Popcorn Sale ENDS- Oct. 25th

  • Show-N-Sell RETURNS- Oct. 25th

  • Take Order and Prize Orders DUE- Oct. 27th

  • Take Order Pickup- November 7th and 8th

  • PAYMENTS DUE- December 1st